Gau Hospital

About Cow Hospital

Society for the treatment of accident and sick cows. Everyone's cooperation is needed for the hospital, by taking at least two acres of land, a team of experienced doctors, surgeons, ultrasound, X-ray etc. will be provided for the treatment of cows, along with the facilities for the maintenance of many cows. It is also necessary to have 25-hour ambulance facility for mother cow. For mother cow, cow grass ie first roti, jaggery, bran, chhanbura, fruit-vegetable peels etc. will be collected and sent to the cowshed. X-ray and operation facilities will also be there in the hospital. People can come here on many festivals including birthdays, birth anniversaries and holy dates and cooperate financially and with medicines, so that the cow clinic can be run. Apart from cows, stray animals including camels, buffaloes, dogs, deer, rabbits, donkeys will be treated free of cost in Gau Chikitsalaya and the cost of running Go Mata Hospital is five to six lakhs every month.

Our ambulance will be available every 200 kms. In which doctors, cow servants will always be available for the treatment and help of mother cow. Anywhere there is an accident with any Gau Mata on the road, then as soon as information is received on our toll free number, our team will reach very quickly and will provide full assistance.